In Memory of Suzi Borrett | 20th August 2021

It is with an extremely heavy heart & great sadness that I must announce that our lovely Suzi Borrett, wife to Gerrith & mother to Tom, has sadly passed away further to battling a serious illness that was diagnosed earlier this year. She was brave to the end & determined to fight through the ordeal despite immense pain, but sadly she lost the fight on Thursday, 12th August 2021 when she died peacefully. Our deepest sympathies must therefore go to Gerrith & Tom & of course her closest family Patsy, Kathryn & Patrick, friends & colleagues who are naturally experiencing difficult days right now. We are so saddened by this loss, especially only just having lost Zebu. It’s our very own annus horribilis…

Many you will not have known that Suzi was the “unseen powerhouse” behind Tall Ship Zebu supporting both Gerrith & Tom whilst they managed all things relating to Zebu the ship. It was Suzi who ran the show behind the scenes due to her excellent administration & communication skills. She was instrumental in setting up Tall Ship Zebu CIC, managing the day-to-day business, setting up events & gaining DMCS & Lottery funding that was so key to the restoration of Zebu. She loved that ship with all her heart & worked tirelessly to secure a future for her, her family & Zebu.

I have known Suzi for over 25 years. A very special & deep bond was formed between us when she, Gerrith & I sailed across the Pacific Ocean in a 60’ ketch called Blue Nomad back in 1999. It was an adventure we shared together & is always in my heart, despite the fact that Suzi would insist on hoovering up in the wee small hours! Not only did she go on to sail many more miles with Gerrith across oceans, but she went onto marry Gerrith, live in South Africa & of course they have a wonderful son together, Tom.

Suzi was also an amazing windsurfer that trained in some of the most exotic locations known & achieved the amazing award of Ladies British Speed Windsurfing Champion back in the mid-80’s. She was also very creative making wonderful driftwood sculptures amongst other things. I don’t think I have ever met such a free-spirited person [other than Gerrith] willing to take on an adventure. I think she probably got that side of her nature from her late father who was at one time Squadron Leader of the Red Arrows.

To lose a wife, mother, family member & friend is always tragic when they are too young & takes time to find its rightful place. But I know in my heart that she will be watching over us & championing us going forward.

Rest in peace our special friend. We will miss you…

Gilli | Tall Ship Zebu Marketing Director & On behalf of Captain Gerrith Borrett & Bosun Tom Borrett