A B Holms shipyard

The AB Holms shipyard was founded originally in 1899 by Idof Emil Holm (1871–1944) under the name Råå Varf

At the beginning of 1920, the yard was sold back to the town and was then became known as AB Holm’s shipyard. In 1942, there was a management take over by Åke Holm and from 1995, the shipyard had been owned by a representative of the Holm family and four employees trading under the name of AB Holms Varv.

For many years it was Råå’s largest employer and production had been extensive over the years of fishing vessels, schooners, pleasure yachts, pilot boats, navy vessels, cargo ships and ferries had either been been manufactured or repaired. The shipyard is now closed after being declared bankrupt in 2008.

Many thanks to the RååMuseum.

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