Tallship Zebu is looking to form strategic alliances and joint ventures to further our project.

We are able to provide unique experiential opportunities for students at every stage of their learning timeline and seek to work with a wide range of schools, colleges and universities to provide students with:

    • out-of-classroom adventure-building life-skills, leadership and character  resilience development, employability and horizon broadening prospects;
    • accredited maritime qualifications that evidence individual experience and accomplishment;
    • new social connections promoting growth of individual networks, reputation and influence;
    • an organisational platform to develop personal charitable, citizenship and community service objectives.

If you are in the education, marketing, logistics, tourism or youth opportunities sectors, please initially register your interest and contact us here.

Any discussions will be undertaken using a NDA regime.

“National Historic Ships UK is a government funded, independent organisation which gives objective advice to UK governments and local authorities, funding bodies, and the historic ships sector on all matters relating to historic vessels in the UK.

It is successor to the Advisory Committee on National Historic Ships, set up as a non-departmental advisory body in July 2006. In turn, that organisation followed on from the National Historic Ships Committee, which emerged from a seminar held in 1991 to discuss the problems facing the preservation of historic ships and vessels in the UK and the evident neglect of this important part of our heritage.

National Historic Ships UK carries a wide remit, looking not only at the immediate issues concerning historic vessels in the UK, but also addressing questions relating to the support infrastructure for historic ships, their potential for contributing in the wider economic, social and community context, and maintaining a watch list of vessels abroad with potential UK significance.”

The Canal & River Trust is a National “charity who look after and bring to life 2,000 miles of waterways, because we believe that life is better by water.

Our research shows that spending time by water, whether it be your lunchbreak, daily commute or just a weekend stroll, really does make us feel happier and healthier.

With ever increasing rates of obesity, stress and declining mental health in the UK, we are uniquely placed to make a significant contribution to improving the wellbeing of millions of people. Our canals and rivers run through some of the most heavily populated communities in England and Wales, providing accessible green and blue space where it’s needed the most.

That’s why, here at the Trust, we’re working with volunteers and communities across England and Wales to transform canals and rivers into spaces where local people want to spend time and feel better. We know this will bring wellbeing opportunities to millions.

Our work involves not only looking after our waterways, but promoting them widely to the eight million plus people who have waterways on their doorstep so that many more people benefit from our free, accessible and local source of wellbeing.”

The National Heritage Lottery Fund – “We use money raised by players of the National Lottery to inspire, lead and resource the UK’s heritage to create positive and lasting change for people and communities, now and in the future.”

See here for information on Zebu’s HLF Resilience Phase.

MAST is a fully registered charity with an appointed Board of three Trustees. Those involved have been working to create a business plan which supports the vision of the Trust. MAST recognise that to achieve the objectives of the plan it will be essential to work with other groups and those with vested interest to ensure the objectives of the trust can be delivered.

This plan is therefore a first step. It highlights the objectives of the Trust and what the Trust is looking to achieve. It recognises that the delivery of these objectives can be achieved in a variety of ways but it is only by putting forward a plan that MAST can engage in an iterative process to assess options and to build partnerships.”

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