The Sinking of Zebu

The sinking of Zebu


Tall Ship Zebu, after the Operation Raleigh circumnavigation found a new home with the Mersey Heritage Trust (dissolved as a company in February 2018 and delisted as a charitable organisation in May 2018) based in Liverpool.

Zebu’s presence at Albert Dock and visits to local summer port festivals ensured the continuity of the vessel’s stance and ever present goodwill and curiosity from the general public. However, a combination of a delayed dry-dock visit, a freak power outage in the dock area and lax watch duties lead to a calamity.

The vessel first started showing signs of decline in August 2013 when she listed to port with no-one on watch aboard, though on this occasion the ship was subsequently stabilised. However, on the 4th September 2015 Zebu sank at her moorings near to the Pump House Pub, at Canning Dock.

Tallship Zebu stayed abandoned with only masts and yards above water until work to raise her started on Friday 25th September 2015, re-floatation work eventually finishing on Tuesday 29th by salvage teams from Hughes Sub-Surface Engineering, Waterwitch Engineering and Carmet Tug Company.


Press coverage of this catastrophic event was extensive..

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