Official Statement | 21st May 21



It is with a heavy heart & great sadness that I must announce that Tall Ship Zebu suffered further heavy damage today. Further to our last official statement dated 19th May, where the situation was looking so much more positive, yesterday we faced yet another hurdle in our battle to save TS Zebu, namely a storm.

On Thursday 20th May having completed the removal of heavy items from Zebu in preparation for her move, plans were aborted due to worsening weather conditions. For the entire day & throughout the night throughuntil Friday morning 21st May, Tall Ship Zebu was subjected to a horrendous pounding from both wind & sea. Winds from the south up to 70 miles hit Holyhead & jeopardised Zebu’s already vulnerable position. We knew it was a precarious 50/50 situation. Captain Borrett & the Master Marine Surveyor were at the scene whereby it soon became apparent to the Captain that she had now suffered further devastating damage. The Captain then had to make the difficult decision to declare Zebu a wreck. Nature had now had the final say.

From here onwards, she will be removed with some speed from the sea wall at Holyhead because the Harbour Master & Port Authorities will have legitimate concerns regarding the safety of other vessels & possible pollution in this busy, commercial port. Plus there’s another storm due. A brutal end to a fine old lady…

I would therefore please ask all our loyal supporters & followers to bear with our current situation, which I know you will. Not only is this an extremely challenging time emotionally, but we are also dealing with all the involved parties. To the people who have emailed us since events of last Saturday, I would respectfully ask that you withhold from requesting Zebu parts & memorabilia at this very difficult time. Please be sensitive to the feelings of Captain Borrett, Suzi, Tom & Team Zebu. No plans or decisions have been made concerning this matter.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please be advised that we will not be setting up any other websites or pages. Nor will we be launching any fundraising initiatives, online or otherwise, at this time. We will not be selling Zebu parts or memorabilia at this point either. Please be alert to possible scams & scammers selling rogue items. Any updates will be posted by us on our official website & social media platforms.

If there is a lighter note to be had, I would like to think, & genuinely believe, that we can rise again. Sadly, it will not be with the Zebu we know & love, but who knows what the future holds given time. If, & it’s a very big if, we can save her keel, there may be a possibility that she can be rebuilt. Naturally there are huge implications to be considered should this be the case. There is too much talent, experience, knowledge & expertise within our team to hold us back. So with a fair wind & some luck on our side, who knows where that breeze will take us…

We thank you again for all the support, lovely words & prayers you have sent…

Gilli | Tall Ship Zebu Marketing Director & Team Zebu