Tall Ship Zebu CIC is available for mutually beneficial partnership options with a wide range of organisations such as businesses, charities, foundations and educational establishments to deliver its mission.

We can deliver multi-year, international projects with discerning international businesses as well as small projects involving a few individuals, in a single location, and for just a day.

In order for Zebu to continue to deliver positive life changing experiences, we rely on the generosity of our commercial suppliers, from exceptional discount structures through to donated products and services, which really do make a difference and go directly towards the project in providing our mission aims on board the vessel.

To recognise contributions, we are introducing Zebu Suppliers Awards where Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum status, depending on the level of support, is awarded and reflected with certain sponsorship benefits. There will be a highlight for all sponsors which is a day on-board Zebu. A great day to network with like-minded suppliers and we guarantee this to be the one day of the year we will not ask for something from you!

If you would like to discuss a partnership with Zebu and are interested in becoming a Tall Ship Zebu Supporting Supplier, or would like further details, please initially contact us here.