Look to Tall Ship Zebu

for your effective

sponsorship requirements.


Tall Ship Zebu is a tremendous opportunity for UK and local businesses.

Sponsorship of Zebu will deliver increased awareness, brand building, credibility and propensity to purchase in your target market. It’s a low cost way to create positive visibility and traffic for your organisation, and at the same time you’ll be contributing to the Tall Ship Zebu Maritime Heritage Outreach Project promoting and developing the skills of future generations of young sailors, inspired by the historical appreciation of the UK’s maritime heritage.

If you are looking to build awareness for your brand, provide product placement for real life maritime assessment, or are keen to be associated with youth and student outlook development, Tall Ship Zebu offers a variety of sponsorship opportunities that will match everyone’s budget, but will deliver very favourable and cost-efficient outcomes.

We wish to establish collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships with businesses that can provide us with goods or services. In addition, we will establish a supplier scheme helping to recognise organisations and businesses that have been particularly supportive.