About Us


Our Vision & Mission

Our vision is to visit far reached oceans and waters to promote Tall Ship Zebu’s historical and cultural heritage to the world. As a grand historic sea-faring vessel, her history will be safeguarded always for future generations to discover and enjoy.

Our mission therefore continues to promote the ship’s historical and cultural heritage to the public at large whilst also advocating for coastal maritime environmental causes such as sustainability, pollution prevention, recycling of plastics and hands-on preventative activity initiatives.

In short, our drive and passion is to venture wherever the winds take us in the future and to safeguard, remember and record the rich and fascinating heritage, culture and history of Zebu. To promote and develop the skills of future generations of young sailors inspired by the historical appreciation of the UK’s maritime past.

Tall Ship Zebu, a National Historic Tall Ship


Tall Ship Zebu has been set up as a Community Interest Company for two key reasons: –

  • To safeguard ‘Zebu’, an historic sailing vessel registered in Liverpool.
  • To promote and develop the ship’s historical heritage by encouraging public engagement, active outreach education and sail training opportunities.

The CIC was formed in April 2017 with the aim of improving Zebu’s situation, and with the goal of making her once again seaworthy and able to positively influence and change young peoples’ lives. Tall Ship Zebu CIC has been able to stabilise the ship and make her habitable again.

Tall Ship Zebu CIC is established with the following governance structure: –

The company has an advisory board who provide us with knowledge, understanding and strategic thinking on not-for-profit management, objectives, and scrutinising financial decisions.