Zebu Dolphin Spirit Initiative | spreading the word


Dolphins are known as the messengers of Poseidon, the god of the seas. Once, some pirates captured the god Bacchus, or Dionysus, who confused him with a Prince, with the intention to ask for a ransom. Bacchus raged and turned the ship’s oars into snakes, which frightened the pirates and made them jump into the sea. However, the god had mercy on them and decided to turn them into dolphins so that from then on they would help men. So dolphins, ‘the postmen’ of the sea who will often swim in a vessel’s bow wake, are good news to sailors as it signifies a safe voyage for all.
The Zebu Dolphin Spirit Initiative is so called as it is designed to carry our message across oceans, just as the dolphins would do.

A Project For Everyone

The Zebu Dolphin Spirit Initiative aims to: –

  • make maritime heritage more relevant, accessible and meaningful to more people.
  • be available to a more diverse range of the public.
  • ensure that heritage continues to be a driving force promoting and celebrating the distinctiveness and connectivity of culture.
  • providing a platform for promoting environmental and sustainability awareness.

Environmental Awareness

For all Tall Ship Zebu Dolphin Spirit activities and public outreach, the goal for us is to have a neutral carbon footprint and to be an environmentally friendly organisation with sustainable resources used throughout all its activities.

Excursions | weather allowing

Many people dream of sailing a square rigger. They might have held the wheel of a tall ship in port at a Tall Ship Festival and wondered what the ‘wheel kick’ really feels like at sea. We can help turn that ambition into reality, and you can start with a day sail.

For those keen to have a go, our crew will provide an opportunity to try most activities that can be fitted into the short voyage, from weighing anchor to hoisting the mainsail and even taking the helm! Or alternatively, if you don’t yet have the confidence to be hands on, you may sit back to watch and enjoy the ride!

Traditional Sea Shanties

The sea shanty hails from the days of the old merchant tallships, and was a working song that ensured the sailors involved in heavy manual tasks, such as tramping round the capstan or hoisting the sails for departure, synchronised their individual efforts to efficiently perform their collective task, i.e. simply making sure that each sailor pushed or pulled at the same time.

The key to making this happen was to sing each song, or shanty, in rhythm.

More often than not there would be a solo-singer, a shantyman, who would lead the singing of the songs with the crew joining in for the chorus.


We want children to disconnect to connect. The aim is for children to start connecting again with their inner senses and spend less screen time! The educational resources will have the objective of taking children away from their devices to develop different, interconnected activities. They will learn activities from varied subjects such as maritime heritage. For example, reading an informational printed leaflet, or researching some material from a book offline, doing some art and craft work related to the subject, or even involving their family in a wider collaboration. At the end of this process there will be a quiz. Parents or teachers can then upload the results and images to our Sea Discoverers Gallery.


Heritage events and experiences provide the inspirational narratives, spaces, backdrops, and images to create poignant art and outreach experiences, providing new ways to engage audiences with exciting memorable visitor experiences and creative innovative interpretation presentations.

Calling Art & Craft People

Tall Ship Zebu wants to invite interested artists and crafts people to be part of our Dolphin Sp[irit Initiative. We are keen to promote all aspects of maritime heritage related themes in an inclusive and fair way, so please get in touch.